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Evaluation Center

Evaluation Center is the content management system within Active Learner. This specialized
functionality enables your subject matter experts to develop learning programs and knowledge
tests that comply with proven instructional design precepts—without any specialized
Instructional Design training. Evaluation Center combines the latest technology of online
delivery and time-proven programmed instruction techniques to enable the development and
delivery of training content more quickly with far less expense.

evaluation center
  • Web-based Learning Content and Evaluation Authoring - no specialized training or assistance from software programmers or multimedia technicians needed to create interactive learning modules.
  • Centralized Content Repository - allows reuse, repackaging, management of revisions, and sharing content to site while still controlling.
  • Content Revision Control and Management - automatic updates to all content or sites simultaneously.
  • Shareable and Reusable - eLearning modules are reusable in multiple courses and can be shared between different facilities.
  • Content Customization Templates - ensures proven Instructional Design Methods to develop content and allows for customizations and branding.
  • Evaluation and Question Answer Analysis - for long-term tracking of test results ascertained with statistical reporting.

For more information, please email us at solutions@petroskills.com.

Download the Evaluation Center product sheet here!