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eLearning Catalog

Gas Processing Operations

RDC has worked together with industry SMEs to identify all knowledge requirements specific to gas processing operations. Applying proven instructional design methods and advanced web technology creates an effective learning solution that delves deep into gas processing equipment and operations. This dynamic learning environment incorporates critical information for operations, systems, equipment, instruments, fundamentals and process safety in a sustainable environment that is available online, anytime and anywhere, to develop and maintain a highly skilled workforce.

This solution provides the fundamentals as well as in-depth coverage of gas processing to help develop a highly qualified workforce to maintain operating efficiency and a safe working facility.

Gas Processing eLearning

This e-Learning series includes:

  • Introduction to Gas Processing
  • Gas Processing Thermodynamics
  • Turbo Expansion
  • Fractionation
  • Solid Bed Adsorption
  • Amine Sweetening Process
  • Gas Processing Hazards