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eLearning for SEMS II

Offshore companies face the requirements of the SEMS II final rule which enhanced the Safety and Environmental Management System (SEMS) rule introduced by BOEMRE and administered by BSEE. Key elements align with OSHA's current Process Safety Management (PSM) requirements for downstream industry, and RDC Solutions has over 20 years of experience successfully addressing PSM compliance for our clients.

Each standard requires extensive documentation of procedures, extensive training of personnel, comprehensive communication of important issues, and stringent management of change to assure that all employees have access to information and understand it sufficiently to do their jobs safely and efficiently. In effect, compliance requires a more knowledgeable workforce as an integral part of a continuous ongoing process.

There are many crossover characteristics between PSM and SEMS II. Key proven abilities of our compliance solutions include:

  • Knowledge Validation Assessments
  • Seamless Integration of Operating Procedures and Safe Work Practices
  • Compliance Reporting (Auto-Scheduler Capabilities)
  • Management of Change
  • Industry-Validated Learning Programs (Technical and Mandated Safety)