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eLearning Catalog

Petroleum Industry Overview

In this eLearning series, we incorporate information from geosciences, reservoirs, midstream operations, and process manufacturing.

The Petroleum Industry Overview eLearning library is ideal for both technical and business-oriented professionals who are either new to the petroleum industry or staff who need to be able to understand the various aspects of oil and gas operations and speak the language of the oilfield. 

The series includes:

  • Modern Oil and Gas Industry
  • The E&P Asset Life Cycle
  • Reservoir Fluids
  • Petroleum Geology
  • Petroleum Reservoirs
  • Exploration Rights and Surface/Subsurface Technologies
  • Drilling Operations and Systems
  • Well Completion and Stimulation
  • Production Technology: Flowing Wells and Artificial Lift
  • Hydrocarbon Recovery
  • Surface Processing of Produced Fluids
  • Midstream Industry Overview
  • Pipelines and Storage Systems
  • Gas Processing Overview
  • Introduction to Refining
  • Introduction to Petrochemicals

INO - Reservoir Rock Properties

Industry Overview Course - Refinery