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eLearning Catalog

Electrical, Instrumentation, Analyzers and Mechanical Maintenance Library

This Electrical, Instrumentation, Analyzers, and Mechanical Maintenance library is complementary to the ePilot™ Core Competency library adding more than 300 hours of online training with significant electrical content, expanded instrumentation, and basic mechanical equipment maintenance.

Titles include: 

Ambient and Process Chillers
Analyzer Sampling and Conditioning System
Analyzer Shelters
Arc Flash Causes and Mitigation
Basic Electronics
Blinding and De-blinding
Cable Duct Banks and Trays
Capacitor Banks
Cathodic Protection Systems
Chlorine Analyzers
Circuit Breakers
Columns and Process Vessels
Compressed Air Dryers
Condition Monitoring - Agitators and Mixers
Condition Monitoring - Balancing
Condition Monitoring - Compressors
Condition Monitoring - Electrical Motors
Condition Monitoring - General
Condition Monitoring - Pumps
Condition Monitoring - Turbines, Fans and Blowers
Conductivity Analyzers
Control Loops
Control Systems - SCADA, DCS and ESD
Cooling Towers for Technicians
Corrosion in Metal
Custody Meters
Diesel Engine Generators
Differential Pressure Flow Measurement
Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers
Drive Couplings
Dust and Coalescer Filters
Dynamic Compressor Systems, Seals and Routine Tasks
Dynamic Compressors: Introduction and Operation
Dynamic Pumps
EI&A Field Awareness
Electrical Cables Electrical Documentation
Electrical Heat Tracing
Electrical Level Measurement
Electrical Motor Properties, Troubleshooting and Maintenance
Electrician's Tools and Test Equipment
Emergency Backup
Emergency Power Systems
Engineering Drawings and Symbols
Extruder Equipment
Extruder Equipment Maintenance
Fans and Blowers
Fans and Blowers Maintenance
Fault Diagnosis, Troubleshooting and Machine Inspections
Fiber Optic Cable Filters and Strainers
Fire Detection
Fire Protection Systems
Flame Scanning Devices
Flow Gauging (Rotameter)
Fundamentals of Condition and Predictive Monitoring
Fundamentals of Demineralized Water Treatment Systems
Fundamentals of Reverse Osmosis Systems
Fundamentals of Vibration Measurement
Fundamentals Principles of Instrument Calibration
Gala Pellet Dryer for Technicians
Gas Chromatography
Gas Density Analyzers
Gas Detection
Gas Insulated Substations (GIS) and Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6)
Gas Turbines for Technicians
Gaskets and Packing
Hand and Power Tools for Technicians
Hazardous Area and Protection Classifications
Heat Exchangers for Technicians
High Voltage Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS)
High Voltage Substation Switchgear
HVAC Fundamentals
Hydraulic Systems
Hydrostatic Head Level Measurement
Hydrostatic Head Level Measurement - Device Troubleshooting and Calibration
Hyper Compressor
Industrial Elevators
Insulation and Thermal Protection
Introduction to AC/DC Electrical Motors for Technicians
Introduction to Auxiliary Boiler Systems
Introduction to Supervisory Control and Date Acquisition (SCADA)
Laydown Yards and Area Management
Leak Detection in Refrigeration Lines
Lightning Arrester
Liquid Nitrogen Storage Systems
Low Voltage Substation Switchgear
Lubrication Systems, Classifications and Applications
LV Intelligent Switchgear
Machine Alignment
Maintaining HVAC Systems
Maintaining Storage Tanks
Maintenance Fundamentals
Manuals and Drawings
Mass Flow Measurement
Measurement and Calibration Basics
Measuring Tools
Mechanical Hoses
Medium Voltage Substation Switchgear
Medium Voltage Vacuum Contactors
Melting Flow Rate Analyzers
Microwave and Laser Level Measurement
Mixers and Blenders
Moisture Analyzers
Motor Signature Analysis (MCE)
Network and Communication Systems
Nuclear Radiation Level Measurement
Oxygen Analyzer
pH Analyzers
Photometric Analyzers
Pipe Supports
Pipes and Fittings
Planned, Corrective, and Breakdown Maintenance
Plant Lighting
Pneumatic Control Systems
Pneumatic Systems
Pneumatic Tubing and Fittings
Point Level Switches
Positive Displacement Pumps for Technicians
Potable Water Treatment System
Power and Distribution Transformers
Power Cables
Pressure Measurement
Pressure Relief Safety Devices
Preventative Maintenance Plans
Protective Relays
Purging Storage Tanks
Radio and Communication Systems
Reciprocating Compressors
Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer
Reports and Communication
Rotary Feeder
Rotary Stem Valves for Technicians
Rotating Equipment Condition Diagnosis
Safety in Instrumentation and Control Systems
SCADA Operation
Sealing Devices (Gaskets)
Security Systems
Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
Sight and Float Gauging
Simple Control System (PLC)
Sliding Stem Valves for Technicians
Spark Plugs
Special Valves
Steam Boilers
Steam Condensate Hazards and Removal
Steam Traps
Steam Turbine Controls
Steam Turbines for Technicians
Storage Tanks
Structural Safety
Tank Gauging System
Tank Roof Inspection
Temperature Measurement
Transformer Maintenance
Ultrasonic Level Measurement
Understanding pH Measurement
Uninterruptible Power Supply
Utility and Instrument Air Systems
Valve Accessories
Valve Design and Characteristics
Valves Inspection, Testing and Repair
Variable Speed and Frequency Drives (VFD/VSD)
Vent System and Rundown System
Volumetric Flow Measurement
Water Softening Systems
Weigh Bridges, Docks Levelers & Scales
Weighing Devices
Workshop Tools and Equipment