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RDC Solutions reporting enables effective benchmarking so that efforts can be focused on those areas most in need of attention. Benchmarking can also provide a baseline from which to gauge the effectiveness of your ongoing safety, operations and training initiatives. With accurate information in-hand, tactical improvements can be made in training, and strategic improvements can be made in personnel acquisition and best practice deployment. You can statistically benchmark your new hires to your journeymen, your new employees to your best practice model, your company to the industry, and more:

  • New Hire Benchmarking
    Benchmark your incoming employee's knowledge levels against those at your best practice model plant, or against your current journeymen, or against a dozen other baselines–all with a simple mastery assessment of knowledge.
  • Best Practices Benchmarking
    Determine if the difference between your Best Practice model plant and all of the others is really a difference in people or process.
  • Industry Benchmarking
    Compare your employees to the rest of the industry and strategically improve your hiring and training processes.