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Analytics give your organization the potential to make better choices that lead to improved learning outcomes and compliance. With accurate information in-hand, tactical improvements can be made in training, and strategic improvements can be made in personnel acquisition and best practice deployment.

Your Active Learner data gives you insights into course completions and scores, but there's a bigger picture of information behind that. Analytics allows organizations to get even more helpful information by digging deep into data from an enterprise level down to individual employees to reveal meaningful pictures of training and compliance as it stands at this moment and to project possible deficiencies ahead.

Get answers on demand!

  • The ability to read complex queries into your enterprise-wide standing in training and compliance as easily as you read the colored lights of traffic signals.
  • Track compliance in real time and plan for meeting end of year goals.
  • Filter by Site, Area, Department, Job, Courses and more.
  • Drill down into live data.
  • 24x7 availability and accessibility from any location worldwide via web browser.

For complex queries, Analytics allows meaningful retrieval of information that can be achieved efficiently. Easily break down and filter data details to get the precise information you need, such as expirations or completions by area, by department, by job, by learner, by quarter and more.

Analytics is the means to keeping a watchful eye on targets and overseeing training initiatives and achievement of compliance goals. It's intelligence to enhance decision and policy making.

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