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e-Learning Catalog

eLearning Catalog

Core Competency eLearning Library

The ePilot™ Core Competency library focuses on the skills and knowledge required for technicians and operators in the oil and gas industry.  This library contains over 150 courses and over 500 hours of online training.

Titles include:

AC Motors for Operators
Air Compressors
Centrifugal Compressors: Introduction
Centrifugal Compressors: Construction and Operation
Centrifugal Pumps: Equipment and Operation
Centrifugal Pumps: Introduction Combustion
Gas Turbines: Equipment and Operation
Combustion Gas Turbines: Introduction
Couplings, Gear Trains, and V-Belts: Gear Trains and V-Belt Drives
Couplings, Gear Trains, and V-Belts: Machine Connections and Couplings
Electrical Fundamentals
Electrical System Basics and Diagrams
Heat Exchangers: Introduction
Heat Exchangers: Operations and Maintenance
Hydrocarbon Chemistry 101
Instrumentation: Analyzers and Inferentials
Instrumentation: Measuring Liquid Level
Instrumentation: Measuring Pressure
Instrumentation: Measuring Temperature
Instrumentation: Process and
Instrumentation Drawings
Instrumentation: Regulatory Control
Instrumentation: Fundamentals of Control
Instrumentation: Measuring Flow
Internal Combustion Engines: Introduction
Internal Combustion Engines: Operating Techniques
Introduction To Compression
Introduction to Dynamic Pumps
Job Hazard Analysis and Stop Work Authority
Leak Detection and Repair
Lubrication Concepts
Mechanics of Fluids: Fluids in Motion
Mechanics of Fluids: Introduction to Process Fluids
Mechanics of Fluids: Static Pressure and Head
Mechanics of Fluids: Units of Fluid Measurement
Mechanics of Fluids: Behavior of Gases
Nature of Heat: Fuels and Combustion
Nature of Heat: Heat and Temperature
Nature of Heat: Heat Exchange Equipment
Nature of Heat: Heat Transfer
Plant Radio Communication
Positive Displacement Compressors: Construction and Operation
Positive Displacement Compressors: Introduction
Positive Displacement Pumps: Equipment and Operation
Positive Displacement Pumps: Introduction
Process Plant Mathematics
Safe Handling of Light Ends
Steam Boiler Operations
Steam Engines and Pumps: Introduction
Steam Engines and Pumps: Operation and Maintenance
Steam Turbines: Equipment and Operation
Steam Turbines: Introduction Tank Gauging
Understanding Electricity
Valves: Introduction to Valves
Valves: Operating Valves
Working with Hand Tools
Working with Power Tools