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Compliance Management

The Oil & Gas industry faces unique learning and compliance requirements. As a learning solution provider for process manufacturing companies for more than 50 years, we understand the needs of organizations in the industry. Unlike other companies that focus only on one aspect of compliance, our experience extends to the requirements of multiple agencies, from OSHA to BSEE, DOT, ISO, EPA, NRC and USCG.

Each standard requires extensive documentation of procedures, extensive training of personnel, comprehensive communication of important issues, and stringent management of change to assure that all employees have access to information and understand it sufficiently to do their jobs safely and efficiently. Compliance requires a more knowledgeable workforce as an integral part of a continuous ongoing process. Key aspects of our compliance solutions include:

  • Knowledge Validation
  • Integrated Operating Procedures & Safe Work Practices
  • Compliance Reporting with auto-scheduling
  • Management of Change
  • Industry-Validated Learning Content