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Today's challenges put new demands on the knowledge and skills workers need to perform. The fundamental ability to capture, transfer, and validate worker knowledge is critical to success. Meeting these demands requires a thorough understanding of the knowledge each worker needs to reach peak performance—and a strategy to guide each worker to 100% proficiency.

RDC Solutions use a comprehensive knowledge transfer environment. Our approach includes:

  • Content Development - We work with your subject matter experts to identify and capture the knowledge requirements specific to environments, processes, equipment, and units.
  • Instructional System Design - We create a solution that enables workers gain knowledge proficiency to progress from entry-level fundamentals through to critical concepts.
  • Differential Learning - We implement a dynamic web-based learning technology to identify knowledge gaps and create personal learning paths to guide workers to 100% proficiency.
  • Compliance Management - We enable our clients to improve performance and reduce risk with a focus on true compliance through a more knowledgeable workforce.
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